A Busy Mornings Work
On a bright Wednesday morning at the end of March over 60 members of the Allied Degrees assembled at Chorley Masonic Hall.
Arriving for a welcome cup of Tea
The reason for the gathering was to attend a meeting of Timothy John Lewis Council.
Matters of State
Whilst membership of the Council is restricted to District Officers, any member of the Order is entitled to attend, and will be welcomed most warmly.
Waiting to start
Opening the Council, the Master Edwin Schofield, welcomed all present, a particular welcome was extended to our many guests, the District Grand Prefect Paul Snape was then saluted with seven, in return he thanked the Brethren and wished them all well.
The Guests
Salutations were then extended to Mervyn Wilson the District Grand Prefect for East Lancashire, and John Forster P.G.J.W., in reply Mervyn thanks the Brethren, on his and John Forster’s behalf.
John Green having a quiet moment
Following a report, the Grand Master entered to spontaneous applause, he was welcomed by the Master Edwin Schofield, the Grand Master was then saluted with eleven, in return he thanked the Brethren and wished them all well.
Maurice Evans, John Green Barry Tomlinson
Timothy John Lewis Council meets twice a year, on the fourth Wednesday in September for their Installation Meeting, and on the fourth Wednesday in March for the business meeting, after which a Ceremony of Grand High Priest is conducted.
Paul Snape, Maurice Evans, John Green, Barry Tomlinson, Tom Jackson
This being the business meeting, Stephen Pemberton was then elected Master for the ensuing year, Stephen thanked the Brethren for their confidence, and looked forward to an enjoyable tenure of office.
The rest of the business the Council was closed at 11:27
The Grand Master, District Prefect, John Green and the Candidates
Following the meeting, a Council of Grand High Priest was opened, the man in charge being John Green, although not (yet) a member of the Council, John kindly volunteered to conduct the ceremony.
The ceremony itself is exceptionally old, so much so that its origin is shrouded in mystery, it is recorded that this Degree was worked in Bristol, Liverpool and Newcastle in the early 18th century. There were 15 Candidates for this ceremony, whilst everyone takes some part, the representative Candidate was Giles Berkley (you may recognise him as the Mark Dep.P.G.M.)
Enjoying refreshment!
Following the excellent ceremony, both the Grand Master and the District Grand Prefect congratulated all who had worked so hard to make the meeting such a success.
After the labours of the meeting, everyone decamped to the banqueting suite for well earned refreshment.
Report and Photo's from our Central Lancashire Correspondent