A Lifetime Ago ??
With the suspension of all Masonic Meetings it seems like a lifetime ago. At the beginning of March on a bright Saturday morning a party of Brethren from West Lancashire made an early start to venture into the District of Northumberland and Durham to attend their District meeting, although an advance party had ventured forth a day earlier, staying in Gateshead. The advanced party had already met in friendly local hostelry.
Swing Bridge on the Tyne
Arriving at Gateshead Masonic Hall in good numbers they were welcomed by Danny Guy the District Grand Prefect following the welcome they were able to meet friends and share a welcome cup of tea together with a plentiful supply of biscuits and Bacon Barmcakes.
The Tyne Bridge
Leading the deputation was the DGP Paul Snape; he was accompanied by the Dept.DGP William Richmond as well as four members of the District, well five if you count someone from Chorley who has a beard.
William Richmond, Paul Snape, Geoff Catterall
The Grand Master attended the meeting to witness Danny Guy present the local RNLI branch with a cheque for £1500
During his address Danny Guy the District Grand Prefect for Northumberland and Durham thanked the members from West Lancashire for their valued and regular support.
Paul Snape, Tom Jackson(Grand Master), Geoff Catterall
Following the meeting the party were able to enjoy liquid refreshment in the company of friends from both the District of Northumberland and Durham and other Districts visiting the meeting.
Members of East & West Lancs, also the DGP's from Kent and Thames Valley
Report and photos from our Tyneside Correspondent