A Busy Night at Lawrence Council
On a cold damp January night members of Lawrence Council meeting at Chorley extended a very warm welcome to the District Grand Prefect Paul Snape and members of the District Team.
Relaxing before the meeting
Welcoming the District Prefect, the Master of Lawrence Council Richard Higson expressed his appreciation for their visit hoping they would enjoy a busy night of Allied Masonry.
Someone missing ??
The District Prefect then introduced members of the District Team, before any further business could be conducted a knock came from the door, who could this be, you may have guessed, none other than the Grand Master Tom Jackson, Richard Higson welcomed him to the meeting, when all where settled off we go.
That's better!!
The District Wardens:  John Roberts and Mark Barton
Three Masters Bob Whittingham (Palatine), Richard Higson (Lawrence), Peter Hampson (T.F.Jackson)
First up the Introduction to the Order of two Brethren, David Robinson and Paul Wharton were Admitted into the Degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr, the ceremony was carried by the Master Richard Higson, the Lecture was presented by Geoff Catterall.
The next business was the Installation as Master of Bro. Bill Bruce; the Ceremony of Installation was carried out excellently by the Master Richard Higson.
Paul Snape, Paul Wharton, David Robinson, Richard Higson
Following the Installation Ceremony both the Grand Master and the District Grand Prefect congratulated Bill Bruce on becoming Master of Lawrence Council, both wished him well for the future he also congratulated W.Bro. Richard Higson for his work over the past year and for the high standard of both Ceremonies.
Richard Higson congratulates Bill Bruce
The District Prefect then welcomed Bro's. David Robinson and Paul Wharton to the Order commenting that he hoped they would derive much enjoyment as a member of the Allied Degrees.
Bill Bruce and Bob Whittingham
In reply W.Bro. Bill Bruce thanked the District Grand Prefect for his generous comments inviting him and all present to join him later at dinner.
Report and Photo's from our Central Lancashire Correspondent.