Extract from a Missionaries Diary
Several weeks before the "Lockdown" a small number of West Lancashire Allied Masons attended the Installation Ceremony at Saddleworth Council  meeting in the "White Rose" County settlement of Uppermill.
Uppermill Masonic Hall (Darkest Yorkshire)
After arranging for the necessary visa and passing the border controls we were able to attend what was the first "proper" Installation Ceremony that's because the Council was Consecration only twelve months ago.
Border Control?
The Northern Grand Stewards Ivan Millington, Bev Heywood, Paul Renton
The Ceremony was conducted in an excellent manner by Bev Heywood, Bev together with Paul Renton and Ivan Millington make up the three "Northern Grand Stewards"
That Soup was good !!
Following the meeting there ensued a wholesome three course meal some of the members as indeed some of the guests enjoyed a couple of bowls of delicious homemade soup
Yes it was!!
Despite the wet weather outside much good-natured Lancashire / Yorkshire banter, of course, took place during the meeting and the lunch.
Healthy Eating Yorkshire Style
After which we said our fond goodbyes until our next merry meeting.
Article by David Livingstone's mate