A Trio at St.Georges Council
At a recent meeting held in November of St Georges Council the Master Ken Wilson was pleased to welcome as a joining member Roger Kilshaw. Roger was a member of Portal Council No.1 before re-locating to Hong Kong, returning to the UK, settling in St Helens Roger wished to rejoin the Degree, St.Georges as they say "Fitted the Bill"
Frank Laird, Ken Wilson, Bob Duff
Ken also welcomed to the meeting both the Grand Master Tom Jackson and the District Prefect Paul Snape who are indeed members of the Council.
First up, Frank Laird and Robert (Bob) Duff were Admitted into the Degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr, the ceremony was carried by the Master Ken Wilson, the Lecture was presented by John Bicknell.
John Cunliffe, Frank Laird, Ken Wilson, Bob Duff
Around thirty Allied Masons were present not only to witness the St.Lawrence Ceremony but to witness both Frank Laird, Bob Duff and John Cunliffe being Admitted the Degree of Grand Tilers of Solomon, this well worked Ceremony was conducted by Ken Wilson after which the Lecture was presented by John Bicknell.
Before leaving the Council the Grand Master congratulated all who had taken part, he also welcomed the two new members to the Order.
John Cunliffe, Frank Laird, Ken Wilson, Paul Snape, Bob Duff
Prior to the meeting closing the District Prefect Paul Snape congratulated and thanked everyone who had taken part in both Ceremonies, he also congratulated Frank Laird and Bob Duff on becoming members of the Order, congratulated John Cunliffe on his advancement in the Order, finally welcoming Roger Kilshaw on becoming  a member of the Council.
In reply W.Bro. Ken Wilson thanked the District Grand Prefect for his generous comments, and then he thanked everyone present for their support and encouragement.
In conclusion Ken then invited the District Grand Prefect and all present to join him at dinner, which was a three-course meal.
Report and photos from our Ashton Correspondent