District Grand Council of Severn A.M.D. Meeting
The annual meeting of the District Grand Council of Severn was held on 3rd. November in its usual venue of Pontyclun which is a quaint little town set in the Welsh Valleys not far from Cardiff. In what was the worst weather for a long time, it rained heavily along the west side of the United Kingdom for the most of Friday,Saturday and Sunday causing widespread flooding, nine hardy, or perhaps foolhardy Allied Masons made their way though the bad weather to Pontyclun to support their District Grand Prefect Graham Paul Snape. Seven of the group bivouacked in Newport at a motel and dined at an nearby hostelry and despite the weather enjoyed a thoroughly good evening.
After breakfast, enjoyed at the same hostelry as the night before, they made their way to Pontyclun with sufficient time for the ubiquitous photo shoot.
At 11.15 am they were seated in the Lodge Room and called to order to receive the first procession, Distinguished Guests from other Districts. The second procession was the District Grand Prefect for Severn District Right Worshipful Brother Ronald Slater accompanied by the District Grand Officers for the year. The District Grand Prefect opened District Grand Council at 11.30 am and was given salutations by the assembled Brethren to which he suitably responded, the other Right Worshipful Brethren were also saluted and they too suitably responded.
The first item on the agenda was to remember those of our Brethren that had been called to Higher Service.
The District Grand Prefect then welcomed the visiting Distinguished guest including our own District Grand Prefect Right Worshipful Brother Graham Paul Snape and his party from West Lancashire, which included his Deputy District Grand Prefect Worshipful Brother William Lawrence Richmond Past Grand Junior Deacon. The next item on the agenda was a roll call of District Grand Officers and the Councils of the Districts of Severn.
After some items of an administrative nature the next item was to Appoint, Obligate and Invest Worshipful Brother Graham Roderick Paskins Past Grand Inner Guard as Deputy District Grand Prefect. The next item on the agenda was to appoint and invest the District Grand Officers for the ensuing year. The District Grand Officers were saluted and the District Grand Senior Warden responded on their behalves.
The District Grand Prefect addressed District Grand Council. There being no other business the District Grand Prefect closed District Grand Council. Before the District Grand Prefect retired the Brethren sang the Welsh National Anthem and then the National Anthem, considering where we were it was quite moving, the Welsh definitely know how to sing.
We retired to the dining room for a pre-lunch drink before sitting down to a five (yes, five) course lunch with coffee and mints, including wine and port, they know how to treat their guests also. We said our good-byes and made our way home the weather was still atrocious, but we will probably do it all again next year.
Report and photos by Ernie Gavan