Two for the price of One!!
At a recent meeting of Lawrence Council, W.Bro Brian Haslam welcomed members and guests to meeting at Chorley. After welcoming the District Prefect Paul Snape to the meeting around forty Allied Masons then settled back together with for an enjoyable night of Allied Masonry.
Graham Davies, Brian Haslam, Mike Pinckard
Before any further business could be undertaken a surprise guest!! (and Member) demanded admission, yes you've guessed it, it was the Grand Master Tom Jackson, who entered the Council to spontaneous applause.
The Ceremony of the Grand Tilers of Solomon was conducted for the benefit of two guests, Graham Davies and Mike Pinckard both members of Meridian Council.
Following their Admission to this Degree Graham and Mick were welcomed by the Master, before Graham and Mike found a seat in the Lodge the Grand Master, congratulated them both and those who took part in an excellent Ceremony. 
Before the meeting closed the District Prefect Paul Snape added his congratulations and thanked everyone who had taken part in the Ceremony commenting on the excellence of their work.
In reply Brian Haslam thanked the District Grand Prefect for his generous comments inviting him, together with the Grand Master and all present to join him for well-earned refreshment and dinner.
Report and photos from our Central Lancashire Correspondent